Digital Image Recovery Software

 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v3.5 is an advanced and easy-to-use digital image recovery tool that recovers lost, deleted, or formatted digital images, pictures, audios, and videos from corrupted hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, zip drives, and more.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery WindowsLost your pictures!! Don’t Panic!! Stellar Photo Recovery 3.5 software ensures complete and systematic recovery in minimum turnaround time…

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 3.5 (For Windows)
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v3.5 (Windows) is a comprehensive digital image recovery solution to undelete digital images from Windows based hard drives, memory/flash cards, memory sticks, Zip disks, and mini disks. Compatible with Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, and NT, the digital photo recovery software provides risk-free image recovery by storing the recovered image on a new user-specified location – saving the original images from over writing and formatting.
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery MacintoshAccidentally deleted pictures from memory cards, memory sticks, hard drives, or Zip drives!! Don’t Worry!! Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v3.5 recovers it all…

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 3.5 (For Macintosh)
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v3.5 (Macintosh), specifically designed digital image recovery software for Mac users, provides complete recovery of deleted, missing, or lost digital images from Mac based hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, Zip drives, digital cameras, etc. Designed for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and above operating systems, the image recovery application is easy-to-understand without any prior technical knowledge.

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All About Drones at Cameradojo

  • Reading reviews about drones before using them
  • Intelligent reviews about drones via
  • Getting acquainted with the latest drones in the photography market, courtesy of these cameradojo reviews

Drones are special types of tools as far as photography and video-making is concerned. These are tools that bring your photography experience to new heights, literally at times. And that’s what Cameradojo has in store for you.

These cameradojo drone technology reviews are not your typical pieces when it comes to highlighting a particular gadget. If you are accustomed with the regular reviews you have read online, these cameradojo drone technology reviews are unlike anything you have read before.

It is important to know certain advantages that a gadget has, but it is equally important, too, to know the disadvantages. This allows you to choose the right equipment eventually, like what these cameradojo drone technology reviews are providing.

You get to read some personal take as well. How they have come to use these unique tools for their images and videos. Intimate stories and discussions about a specific cameradojo drone, and out of these stories, nevertheless, you get insights as to what sort of drones to buy and use on a daily basis.

It would be quite impossible how to handle these gadgets if you haven’t read these cameradojo drone technology reviews. Buying it is one thing, managing and taking care of it is another. And you can only do that if you read these cameradojo drone technology reviews.

Be an informed photographer or videographer right now. Don’t just settle with the usual stuff when using gadgets for your images. Reading these cameradojo drone technology reviews is the way to go for a more complete and serious take of your photos and videos.

Only then will you be able to navigate your drone with great ease.

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Wedding Presets You Need to Check Out

  • Presets for your wedding images from Sleeklens
  • Editing these wedding photos as suggested from these Sleeklens reviews
  • Avoiding mediocre effects on your photo by using these Sleeklens wedding presets

Sleeklens is a byword for photo editing. And if you are in the works of editing your wedding photos, this is the site to visit.


This is quite evident if you read their reviews. If you know how to maneuver these wedding presets, through these tips from these reviews, then there’s no problem, really, when it comes to enhancing these beautiful wedding pics. More of Sleeklens wedding presets reviews here,

It is an advantage, in the first place, to know certain types of presets for your wedding pictures. That makes editing so easy for these wedding images, thereby intensifying the memories that go with these images.

Never, for a moment, use mediocre tools for your wedding photos. The moment you take your chances with these ordinary gadgets, you might be producing equally mediocre wedding photos. That is a no-no, that would make your viewers cringe, treating your pictures like some so-so photograph. And as a photographer, you will lose clients in the long run. So, if you’re serious about making it in the business, more Sleeklens wedding presets reviews here,

Special photos need special tools. That is more or less the idea of these Sleeklens wedding presets. These reviews will give you some list of the latest in photography, whether it’s the coolest gadgets around or that sure-fire solution for easy editing.

Don’t be stuck with that limited gadget you have, if you can check out these Sleeklens wedding presets reviews here,, then you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to editing.

Your viewers, on the other hand, will have the most awesome wedding pictures there is.

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Reasons to Use Sleeklens Products

  • Sleeklens products make photoediting easy and shorter
  • Sleeklens products are easy to use and affordable
  • Sleeklens is the way to go for all things related to photography and photo editing

Sleeklens is one of the most trusted websites around the internet for all things related to photography or cameras. Among their most popular products are the Sleeklens preset workflows that make photo editing so much easier and the outcome elegant with just a few clicks.


However, what’s more intriguing are the Sleeklens preset workflows reviewed. If you make a quick Google search on Sleeklens preset workflows reviews, you’ll find that many professional photographers find it easy to work with Sleeklens’ presets as it makes the photo editing so much easier and shorter.

Sleeklens preset workflows reviewed articles are a testament to how Sleeklens continue to work with determination and passion to make creative products. The presets available in the website are also easy to use so many favor them over the others.

Sleeklens preset workflows reviewed can be found in many different blogs and articles that comprehensively discuss the benefits and downsides of working with presets.

So what makes the Sleeklens preset workflows stand out, according to the reviews? Three things. First, the preset workflows come with different brushes and presets that editors can choose to make sophisticated photographs.

Second, the presets in themselves whether individually used or combined, are elaborately made to suit many different photos. Whether it be a wedding photo, vacation photo, or one taken during a children’s party, Sleeklens’ preset workflows have the preset/s that will suit your needs.

Third is the affordability. The price will always matter whenever we make a purchase, and Sleeklens knows that. Sleeklens’ products are affordable and very elegant that’s why a lot of photographers prefer the brand. Overall, if you’re looking into purchasing a preset or an action, choose Sleeklens for a wide variety of choices with affordable prices.

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These Awesome Point of View Cams

  • Cool POV cams available online with affordable prices
  • Accentuating your photography experience by using POV cams
  • Maximizing the beauty of your photo images through the use of POV cameras

They say point of view matters in every endeavor. That it adds drama to it. And that can be applied to photography, too, as exemplified with these POV cams.

An awesome POV cam enhances the image of your subject. If you’re knowledgeable with angles yourself, that certainly would be an advantage, because your POV cam improves your angle in a way you’ll find it unbelievable at times.

The secret behind an awesome POV cam is in keeping with the style of your own brand of photography. If you are into landscapes, your POV cam allows you to position at that exact angle where you can maximize the potential of your subject.

There are many benefits to an awesome POV cam. In other movie outlets, these POV cams are positioned at various areas so that each scene has different perspectives, thus, creating character and depth as well.

Now, you might think that this awesome POV cam is expensive. You can actually get a decent POV cam that is quite affordable. And if you do get one, use it to your advantage. Remember, point of view increases the dramatic effect of your photos as compared to those static ones.

Scour the web right now and find that awesome POV cam. Present your photos in a more dramatic way this time, not just settle with ordinary angles and let that color of your photo take care of the rest. Not anymore. Your POV cam will do wonders with your images in a lot of ways.

As the term suggests, it’ll make you feel awesome as soon as you start rolling that awesome POV cam right now.

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Wedding Photography Tips 101

  • Weddings today are far better compared in the past years.
  • Couples prefer hiring wedding photographers to record and capture their special day.
  • This article will talk about two of the most essential wedding photography tips.

Basically, Weddings today are far better compared in the past years. Most couples in today’s time are hands on and it is because they want their wedding to be as unique and creative, yet simple as possible. In addition, couples prefer hiring wedding photographers to record and capture their special day, that includes the proposal, engagement and the wedding day itself.


Wedding photography on the other hand has become competitive and in demand. That’s why more and more amateurs are hoping that someday, they could be the best wedding photographer in their society or community. However, they also know that it is not easy to be one; they really need to train hard for them to be called professional wedding photographers.

This article will talk about two of the most essential wedding photography tips to help amateurs in their career as a photographer.

Be Ready at All Times

Although couples would inform you ahead of time, there are times wherein some people would want to hire you immediately for a surprise shoot such as; surprise wedding proposal or more. With this, you really have to prepare yourself physically, and mentally. You can also enroll yourself in a photography school specializing in wedding photography to help you improve your skills in capturing moments.

Familiarize your Photography Equipment

It’s already given that as a photographer, you probably own one, two or more cameras, editing tools and third party accessories like adobe Lightroom wedding presets. However, in order for you not to miss any important shot, you have to familiarize your equipment; from battery charger, camera, tripod to your post processing tool.

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The Art of Landscapes Via Lightroom

  • Developing landscape photos like a professional with Lightroom
  • Lightroom editing tools that create various effects on your landscape images
  • Free, downloadable presets and brushes available online from Lightroom

Landscapes are a special form of art when it comes to photography. Many go for landscapes to express profound feelings with the use of landscape images such as the sun, moon, and even the stars. But that expression is now being enhanced with the presence of Lightroom.

Lightroom offers presets for landscape photography. But these presets for landscape in Lightroom are entirely different from those photo-editing apps that only offer limited amount of enhancements and editing. With Lightroom, though, you can have more than 100 presets for the development of your photo images.


It is quite an advantage for you to have these presets for landscape in Lightroom. You need not worry anymore how to create that hazy mood around your landscape photo because Lightroom can easily conjure that kind of atmosphere on it.

You don’t have to find a photo tool anymore for you to recreate that scene from that film you just saw because Lightroom has a specific preset for that, delivering that same cinematic quality always. So these presets for landscape in Lightroom is your suitable partner in churning out beautiful, visually stimulating photos.

There is enough collection of presets online. Lightroom has prepared it for you. And aside from its presets, though, it also has its collection of brushes so you can edit or enhance in detail the images on your landscape photo.

Lightroom is the coolest thing in photography right now. Anybody, even if they are new to photography, can easily produce pictures that can compete with those produced by professional photographers. It has tools that even a neophyte can follow through, especially, of course, with these presets for landscape in Lightroom.

And it is even made special because you can get these presets for landscape in Lightroom free online. You can download as many presets as you want, considering these tons of photos you have in your possession.

So if you are seriously considering a career out of making landscape photos, then these presets for landscape in Lightroom is the tool for you. And it is the tool that would put you on the level of the best landscape photographers around.

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Should You Learn To Use Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop?

Most people would ask me about what is the best post-processing tool to use; is it Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop? So I decided to write down my thoughts about this two famous program.

photogrpahy1Adobe Lightroom is one of the tools developed and created by the Adobe system. It is a photo management and enhancement tool specifically designed for both young and professional photographers. The program contains a lot of exciting features and modules that aims to assist photographers with their editing tasks. As years go by, Lightroom became one of the most powerful tools in the industry and with every version that the company releases, I and other users know that it will be a big hit.

Basically, young and professional photographers can use whatever post processing tool they want. However, in my opinion, Lightroom is currently the best tool. I am not saying all of these things because I am an avid Lightroom user, I am saying this because I saw what Lightroom can offer. They can make things possible.

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful software for image organizing, modification and online sharing. They are even capable of converting RAW and JPEG files easily. Moreover, the ability to create and adjust personalized presets lightroom.

Overall, Adobe Lightroom offers a lot of benefits and advantages when it comes to modifying and enhancing images. It is a non-destructive tool which preserves and keeps the original setting of the file. It doesn’t ruin the basic image. In addition, with Lightroom, you can use unique keyword phrases, tags people and share images quickly online.

To answer the question whether should they use Lightroom or Photoshop, I probably recommend to use Adobe Lightroom. You will surely enjoy the 7 in 1 editing features. If you’re still not convinced, read more presets lightroom tips to help you decide on this matter.

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Enhancing Your Social Media Image through Photoshop Action

If you are fond of posting pictures of yourself on social media, you must have liked the idea of seeing yourself online or you love the effects you employed on your photos that you can’t stop but admire it afterwards. Either way the act bring joy to you, the reason why you’re at it every time you open your social media account.

ph4But whatever photo tools you have in there, Photoshop actions is offering a lot more. There is a showcase of free Photoshop actions online, and the best thing about it is that it has a list of download “actions” for every type of portrait, landscape or even animated photos

You don’t need the services of a professional anymore for you to have that photo with so many “likes” and “shares” online; you can have it already right in the comfort of your own room, in front of your own computer.

These Photoshop actions can make wonders on your images. These actions for Photoshop deliver the kind of effect you’ve always wanted.

Let us examine some of the best actions for Photoshop available for you.

The Unspoken Action. This action highlights the contrast of a said picture. If you have that control over your image, you can do every imaginable enhancement you can think of. With Unspoken Action, your image will look surreal, even surpassing some of the great paintings around.

BW Noor. This action is a classic one. If you happen to encounter those images from the Depression Era, then this action is one for the taking. With its black and white feature, you can still bring out the best of that photo from a different hue this time.

Photo Coloring 11. With its cold and super cold features, you can brighten and present your photo by shading prominent features of one’s face, making it more forceful at times.

These three actions for Photoshop are some of the best for your portrait concerns. All you need to do now is to download these actions in your pc or Mac and start experimenting with it.

Who knows, your friends might notice the changes on your images, but a kind of change that will only lead to more “likes”, “follows” and “shares” for you. You don’t need a fashion coach or a makeup for you to enhance your image online, all you really need is a Photoshop action.

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Adjusting Black and White Presets In Lightroom

121In Adobe Lightroom, transforming a raw or edited, colored image to black and white is very easy and simple since you just have to control the sliders appropriately.

Although there are a lot of ways to transform and edit images in Lightroom, you still need to consider a lot of factors such as the editing process, where to start, quality, colors, and other important adjustments for black and white.

Image Choices

As expected in Lightroom, you will have to choose a photo of your choice before you can start editing it. But the thing here is, when processing and converting images from colored to black and white, you have to choose and select an image that is suitable for the black and white theme. Personally, I prefer choosing images with good color combination and settings such as high brightness and contrast details as it would look better on black and white.

Black and white images have to depend on certain compositions, lighting, subject and emotion. So if you want to have a good quality black and white preset, make sure to choose an image that has strong subject, suitable subject and emotion.

Start From the Top

When converting to black and white, it is always best to keep in mind that processing images in Lightroom affects not only colors but the tones, and other lighting adjustments. For example, what I did with my black and white images was adjusting the sliders of tint and white balance.

At this point, learning to create a black and white image in Lightroom is easy. Basically, Adobe Lightroom does a good job in providing a black and white ideas and features. However, if you’re not ready to make your own black and white Lightroom presets, you can always download it online for free and paid. I usually visit to seek more and download free Lightroom 6 presets.

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Your camera flash – To use or not to use?

Using the flash when shooting can be both a blessing and a curse . This is because, used the right way, it can help you produce some stunning shots. Using it the wrong way or not using it at all can lead to dire consequences and some of the ugliest photos you will ever shoot. The decision on whether to use or not to use the flash bis usually up to the photographer. This is because there are always in the best position to judge the environment they are in.

Tttl-flashhat said, there are situations that call for the use of the flash. One of this is when you would like to edit your photos using Adobe Lightroom Presets. In order for the presets you have to help you produce the best photographs possible, you have to first of all start off with high quality images. One of the ways to so this is to use photographs that are bright and clear and that show as much detail as possible. All of this can be made possible though the proper use of you flash.

If you are shooting in the dark, it goes without saying that you ought to use your flash. Just ensure that you are positioned correctly to avoid any reflections that may occur. Capturing any reflections could spoil a really good shot.

The use of a reflector

There are lots of photographers who prefer to use their own lighting instead of using the flash. While this is a pretty good idea, be sure to place the reflector in the correct position. This will help you capture your subjects in as much light as possible and it may then not be important to use the flash.

Another situation is where you are using external flash. This is a good idea especially if you need to shoot in really strong light. This too needs to be done in the right way. This is because overdoing it will cause your camera action images to look too bad and they may not have enough color tones and balances to allow for them to be edited using Lightroom presets.

Everything should be done in moderation. Do not overwhelm your subjects with your use of flash. Ensure that you are judging the situation the best way possible so that your use of flash helps enhance your photography rather than interfere with it. The use of any reflectors, lights or external flash should complement the use of your camera’s flash and not overshadow it.

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How to Organize Images in Lightroom

LR14Adobe Lightroom has become a very significant program for most amateurs like me and other professional photographers. I can’t imagine editing and managing images without using the program’s smooth interface. In fact, 75 percent of my projects are done with Adobe Lightroom and the rest was done in Photoshop since it needs manual  and advanced editing. Over the last years,  using lightroom gave me more comfort. I have extra time to spend with my family and friends. Moreover, I have more time taking more high-quality images. With Lightroom I can store and organize my images in one collection making it easy for me to locate the images when I need it. In addition, I can create my own custom presets that I can use to several of my images at once.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens on Mac and PC:

There are a lot of ways to manage and organize images in Lightroom, but this particular way of organizing has been working perfectly fine with most of my images. In this article, I will try to give you the simplest form of organizing and storing images in Lightroom’s Library.

Where to save images and how to organize it?

Most beginners would ask me if how to store and organize images in Lightroom. I know, because I, myself, is still in the process of understanding the features and services of the program. I’ve been using Lightroom for years now and fortunately, I’ve been able to figure out how to save and organize images in the library mode. Essentially, storing your images on your desktop, laptop, and other storing devices is not enough since there is a big possibility that it can be hacked, restored or reformatted. So if you want to safe keep your files, do it with Lightroom.

Check infoparrots lightroom section for more tips and ways on how to save and organize images in Lightroom. I am very certain that nothing bad will happen as long as you organize it well in the Library module in the program. All you have to do is to create a folder, depending on which file you prefer and save all the related images in that collection.

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Tips For Seascapes Photography

We all know that most photographers are working inside either a small or big studio. However, during their free time or depending on the clients request, they are working on different areas where they can capture unique and rare subjects. One of their favorite spots to shoot images is on the coast or beaches. Aside from the fact that the place is relaxing, it also contains several good subjects. In this article, we will talk about a few tips on how to capture the best image for seascapes photography.

ss2Subject Arrangement

Like any other landscape images, it is very important to have a unique image set-up to produce a high-quality and realistic image. One way to do it in a beach setting is to look for an interesting subject and arrange it with other helpful resources such as rocks, benches, slippers or other stuff that can be used in the shoot. Good composition and image settings is important for seascape photography. Explore the beach, look for good subjects and start shooting images.

Setting Up Shutter Speed

One of the most important factors to consider in taking seascape photography or other images that include water as the subject is the shutter speed. Setting up the right speed has an important impact on the overall outcome of the image.

A quick and fast shutter speed set-up will freeze the moment and therefore showing a complete and perfect image. Depending on the current of the water, the ideal speed of it is one per twenty seconds and more. This is also the typical and realistic way to take water subjects.

Appropriate Set of Filters

Basically, there are two types of filters that most photographers used. One is the neutral density and graduated neutral density filters. However, if you haven’t tried out these filters yet, it is best to use an alternative filter or take multiple image exposures and blend them well to fit the colors and tones of the image. Moreover, you can use Lightroom seascapes as your filter since you can modify it every now and then.

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Two Simple Ways To Create A Vintage Look Using Lightroom

LR16With Adobe Lightroom, everything is possible. Their latest Lightroom version allows us to create as many presets as we want. One of the most challenging styles to do is the vintage look. It requires adequate skills and imaginations. However, in this article, we will teach you two simple methods to create a vintage look using the latest version of Lightroom.

Before anything else, you must be prepared on what type of story that you would want to include in the images. Here’s the thing, vintage images are sentimental. That’s why the colors should fit appropriately to the subject for it to look real.

Here are the tips on how to create a vintage preset using Lightroom.

Fading Images Using The Tone Curve Panel

First, you have to go to the tone curve panel and increase the RGB curve. By doing so, it will remove the black colors from the image making it lighter to fit for the vintage colors. It is up to you on how you want the colors to blend.  At this point, trusting your skills will make the image look good.

Color Tone Splitting

The second and last tip on making a vintage image is to add colors using split toning. This step is very easy since you only need to apply warm color to light colors such as red, yellow and orange.

Now you have the idea on how to create a vintage effect using Lightroom, it is best to read more reviews and tips about free Lightroom presets.

Generally, if you think that you don’t have the skills to make Lightroom presets, the only way to have good images is to buy presets or download free Lightroom presets online. In this way, you can have the


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Importing Images in Lightroom

ph8Before you start importing the images in Lightroom, organizing them is a very good idea. To start with, set up a folder for your photos outside of Lightroom.  Create a top level Lightroom Photos folder to hold all the photos you’ll eventually import. In that top level folder, you can organize your existing photos into subfolders by subject matter or shoot date.

To start the process of importing images, launch Lightroom and hit “Import” – at the bottom of the left side panel in the Library Module. Or you can import your existing photos that you have already organized; the best selection is to “Add”.  Otherwise, you can select “Import Photos and Video” from File Menu. This will open the Import window for you to select source directory, image files, destination and other details.

Choose source to import is the first section of the import window. If you have a USB drive, memory card or even camera connected to your computer, Lightroom will automatically choose it as a source directory. If in case you don’t have external devices to import from, just navigate the source directory manually. You will have “Subfolders” check box ready, and to enable this setting it will display all images in selected folder.

If you have the exact folder of images to import, you can save a couple of steps by dragging the folder from your operating system into the grid in Lightroom’s Library module.

However, you have to double check that you are saving the right Lightroom actions for photographers so that you’ll not have a hard time removing and organizing it all over again.

Next is, choose image file to import which ones you want in your Catalog. You don’t need to worry about the duplicates because Lightroom will automatically grey-out photographs that are already imported provided they are named identically.

Select destination to copy files, this section of the import dialogue is the last step to import files. And this is one you’ll spend most time.

And lastly, you can click “import” (all selected photos will appear in your Library Module).

After importing all images, you can choose different presets, and I highly suggest Lightroom actions for photographers. By using these presets, you can edit your photos beautifully and gorgeously.

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Top 3 Sites For Adobe Lightroom Presets

pre4With the recent version of lightroom, Adobe system has definitely increased more users and fans in the field of photography. Also known as one of the easiest photo editing interface, lightroom developed new and exciting features to make amazing images. Most users confirmed that the new version of lightroom exceeds their expectation.

Creating new presets is exciting since your entire skills and ideas will be used. But because we don’t have enough time to make a lot of new ones, we tend to download paid and free presets. However, there are a light of photography sites claiming that they have the best bundles of lightroom presets. In this article we wil talk about the top 3 sites for adobe lightroom presets.

Creative Market

Creative Market is one of the best photography sites in the market. It is specially intended for artists, photographers and etc. Creative market contains designs from various experts and artists around the world. They are also offering the best lightroom presets. Their products can be downloaded for free or with certain amount.

Pretty Presets

Pretty presets are known to offer loads of presets collections. Most of their top presets are focusing on portrait, weddings and engagement photography but they can also do other random stuffs as well. Unfortunately for those who want to download presets for free, pretty presets do not offer free presets. You have to purchase it; but on the brighter side, their entire collections of presets are worth the money. In other words, you get what you pay for.

onOne Software

OnOne Software are known to produce the best softwares in all types including lightroom presets. In fact they are offering hundreds of free preset bundles in their platform since their goal is to help you with your photography and lightroom workload. Moreover, their presets have a corresponding description so you’ll be guided on the adjustments they made.

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3 Lightroom Basic Tools You Might Not Know

LR13Most professional photographers end up modifying thousands of raw images for their clients. While there are a lot of photographers in all levels who seek help from other people to edit and process the images to make it perfect, there are still some who use photoshop and edit images manually. However, professional photographers find adobe photoshop time consuming and tiring. That’s the reason why adobe system created lightroom, to assist and help senior photographers with their workload.

Lightroom is a photo editing program that contains free presets, or filtered images that can be applied to one or more images at once. In this article, we will talk about the 3 basic tools that most photographers might not be using in their lightroom program. They can use these tips for their editing process. Here’s a tutorial video about installing the latest version of lightroom to mac and other devices:

First Tool: Spot Removal

Spot removal is visible in Photoshop but with limited options. In lightroom, spot removal tool has become an advantage for most photographers since it is a tool to replace and heal unwanted part of the image.

Second Tool: Straightening

There will be a lot of times where editing an image is a little bit tough because of slanted lines and other awkward stuffs from the camera. Fortunately with lightroom, users can fix it by this straightening tool that is located below the histogram that looks like a curved rectangle.

Third Tool: Adjustment

This tool called targeted adjustment is new to lightroom. It simply determines the best option for the image while allowing users to alter and change once done. Some photographers skipped this tool because they think it will not help them in the process. But the thing here is that this tool provides the best color collections and elements that will guide users without compromising the original setting of the image.

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Recover Digital Images to Recover Cherished Memories

Memories are cherished by one and all. Storing images digitally, is a beautiful way of preserving these memories. And that is why their loss is an irreparable wound in the heart, the soul and to the overall existence of a person. But in this era of digital technology, losing images is not easy, thanks to the digital image recovery software available in the market, today.

Digital images tend to get lost due to any reason. Sometimes its a nuisance. Whether accidental deletion or otherwise, digital image loss is mostly our fault. Mostly our actions lead to their loss, either ruggedized use of the camera, or inappropriate treatment of the card, or even mishandling images on the computer.

Consider the following major image loss conditions:
Virus Corruption
Read/Write Error
Accidental Deletion
Formatting of Storage media
Corruption of storage media
Corruption of data structure or file system of storage media
Switching the camera off, while write process is going on
Pulling the memory card out, without switching the camera off

After all these image loss conditions too, digital image recovery is possible. This is possible due to the various image recovery software that are flooding the market today.

However the question is, how to decide which image recovery software is good?

To begin with, one should not consider a freeware, as they may be malware or some kind of computer contaminant. Another thing to consider is, whether the company offering the product is authentic, and knows about computer and about recovery. Further, the software should be easy to understand, and operate, otherwise, a lot of time would be wasted on just understanding how to perform image recovery operations. Also the recovery should be in few steps, and quick. After all, who would want to sit in front of a computer, watching it work endlessly for a long time?

A trustworthy digital image recovery software is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, which has been developed by Stellar Information Systems Ltd. This company has more than 16 years of data recovery experience from any kind of storage media, and knows the inside-out of data recovery. Their software have free demo versions on the company website, which allow the user to test them, and also get a preview of their recoverable digital images. The software performs recovery of all kinds of multimedia files, including audios and videos apart from digital image recovery . After getting a preview, a user can buy the software to recover all those previewed files.

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Easy-to-use tool to help you recover Photos from Olympus µ7040

Olympus µ7040 is a powerful and stylish camera from the company which enjoys a good reputation in the field of digital photography. This camera is packed with powerful features including 14.0 megapixel sensor, 7X wide angle optical zoom and 3 inch LCD display.

The camera also boasts of 2GB internal memory which comes with SD/SDHC expansion slot. You can preserve memories of everyday by banking upon the high storage capacity of these cards.

However, few errors may bother you while you perform any function related to these cards. These errors often pop up when the SD/SDHC card becomes corrupted due to various reasons including file system damage, interruption in read/write process and a virus attack. These errors can be rectified easily by formatting the card but in order to compensate for the data loss, one has to seek help from an appropriate backup. And, in case the backup is corrupt or missing, a digital image recovery software can do the needful by extracting the inaccessible photos.

Sample this: Your camera turns off unexpectedly while you are trying to transfer few photos from the µ7040 to a computer. And anxiously you recharge the batteries as soon as possible to restart the transfer process. But to your shock and dismay, you get the following error message when you upload the card again in the camera:

“The card is not formatted. Format the card.”

The disappointing error will not let you access the photos stored on the camera, forget transferring them. Moreover, it will cause further annoyance as you will not be able to click new photos with your Olympus µ7040.

The interruption in the read/write process is the major reason behind this error. It is because of this interruption that the card has got corrupted, rendering your card useless.

You can try your luck by accessing the data on a computer if you use a card reader
If it doesn’t reap any benefit, format the memory card in the camera

As soon as you format the memory card, you will be allowed to click and save new photos from your Olympus camera. You must restore lost photos immediately after formatting using an apt backup. Don’t think yourself as an unfortunate person if you haven’t maintained any backup, as there is still a good amount of hope with a digital image recovery software. These photo recovery utilities are a boon when it comes to battling data recovery woes.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a reliable and proficient software which supports recovery from all major camera brands (Olympus, Nikon, Canon, Sigma etc) in almost all data loss situations. The photo recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac users.

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Image recovery from Olympus E-450 DSLR after CF card error

The Olympus E-450 camera is an easy-to-use DSLR for amateurs. Incorporating 10 effective mega pixels, 28 shooting modes, True Pic III + image processor and 2.7 inch Hyper Crystal II LCD, this camera promises to deliver outstanding image quality.

The camera has a dual support for CF card and XD picture card. Although, you can store your valuable pictures in a CF card without any fear, there are certain things which you should be aware about. A CF card, just like other memory cards, has the tendency to go corrupt and in such instances, you can lose access to saved images of yours.

To keep such unfortunate situations at bay, you are advised to maintain frequent backup of the images. If for any reason you end up losing images, in the absence of a backup, don’t need to be perturbed. As there are many digital image recovery software available which successfully recovers lost or deleted images from Olympus cameras.

Sample this: You have arranged a party at your home on the occasion of your son’s birthday. You are randomly clicking images of some memorable shots. After taking a break and enjoying an activity with small kids, you decide to take a look at the shots you have clicked with your Olympus E-450 camera. When you re-load the CF card in the camera and try accessing the images, you get the following error:

“CF card error”

Thanks, to the above error, all the shots from your son’s birthday bash have become inaccessible. The situation is quite dismal as you didn’t even transfer the images to a computer or other storage media.

The error is a clear sign that your CF card has got corrupted.

In order to resolve the corruption issue and access the lost images, follow the below-listed steps:
Connect your Olympus camera to a computer and try to access the images
You can try and access images on another camera which supports the same CF card. This might work for you as the CF card error could also pop up due to firmware issue.
If nothing works in your interest, you may need to format the CF card and perform image recovery

You can download a reliable digital image recovery Software from the Web. These third-party recovery utilities are user-friendly and employ effective scanning algorithms to recover lost or deleted images from a formatted CF card. Make sure to select a utility which supports all image formats.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use utility which recovers lost, deleted or formatted images from all major camera brands including Olympus, Sony, Kodak and more. The image recovery software can be used by both Windows and Mac users as it is available in two versions.

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Recover inaccessible images from Kodak EasyShare C190

The Kodak EasyShare C190 is suitable for those who are looking for an affordable yet powerful camera. Based around 12 megapixels, 5X optical zoom lens, 2.7 inch LCD display with 230,000 dot resolution, the camera incorporates many easy-to-use features to make photography simpler for beginners. Images are stored on Secure Digital cards including the higher-capacity SDHC types.

These cards are used in many digital cameras as they support high storage capacity and better transfer speed. The disadvantage being their tendency to go corrupt in instances like interruption in read/write process, file system damage, virus attacks etc. A corrupt SD/SDHC card renders images inaccessible and in order to compensate data loss you must have an appropriate and updated backup.

However, if backup is not helpful in restoring lost images, you can opt for a proficient digital image recovery software.

Consider you are on a family trip to the countryside. You have clicked several images of the resplendent mornings and evenings spent under the sky. You return home, and load the SD card in your Kodak EasyShare C190 camera to take a view at the beautiful shots and re-live those moments, you may be greeted by the following error:

“Memory card not recognized”

The error may strike as a rude shock to you since it restricts you from viewing the stored images.

The above error could erupt in any of the below-listed circumstances:
If the memory card may not be Secure Digital certified
If the memory card is not inserted properly in the Kodak EasyShare C190 camera
If the memory card may be corrupted or formatted for use in other digital cameras

In order to access images from the SD card, you can consider observing the following workarounds:
Purchase a certified Secure Digital card
Re-insert the memory card in your Kodak EasyShare C190 camera
Format the memory card in C190 camera

After formatting the SD card, you should immediately go for a digital image recovery software. Such third-party tools are available over the Internet in abundance. But, you must select a recovery utility after carefully observing its various features. Ensure you use a read-only image recovery utility.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a reliable utility which recovers lost, deleted or formatted images from all major camera makes including Kodak, Sony, Canon etc. The do-it-yourself image recovery tool supports all image formats (JPEG, RAW, Exif, PNG) and perform recovery in three simple steps viz select, scan and save.

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Image recovery from Nikon CoolPix S1000pj

The Nikon CoolPix S1000pj boasts of being world’s first camera with an integrated projector. This innovative camera is built around 12.1 mega pixels, 5X wide-angle zoom and 2.7 inches high-resolution LCD display. You can store incredible images from this camera on both SD and SDHC cards.

Corruption in any of these cards can occur due to same factors like interruption in read/write process, file system damage or virus attacks. In all the above mentioned cases, the camera displays an error message and renders images and other data inaccessible.

You can compensate the data loss by using a clean and updated backup. And, if you do not have an appropriate backup solution available, then you must switch to third-party digital image recovery software.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you decide to capture mischief of your little son in the form of images. You load the SD card in your Nikon CoolPix S1000pj camera, and attempt to click an image, and receive the following error message:

“Image cannot be saved”

As a result of the above error message, you are unable to click new images and the SD card has become useless. Additionally, all the previously saved images also go inaccessible.

The above error message indicates that there is a problem with the memory card or the Nikon S1000 pj camera’s software. Here is a detailed list of the possible causes:
If there is a problem with the camera’s file numbering system
If the memory card malfunctions or
if it is formatted in a camera which is not compatible with this Nikon model?
if the memory card is corrupt

In order to perform digital image recovery and make the memory card reusable, you must try the following steps:
In order to fix a malfunctioning memory card, you must reformat the memory card (which will erase all of the data)
To overcome corruption issues, you have to again consider the reformat option.

However, you can recover lost images after formatting by downloading an advanced and professional image recovery application from the Internet. Such tools employ improved scanning algorithms and extract data from a formatted memory card efficiently.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a user-friendly and versatile application which recovers lost or deleted images, audios and videos from a range of digital cameras including Nikon, Canon, Sigma etc. The image recovery software is available in two versions for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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